1W-TH-IB2 on-wall temperature + humidity sensor

1W-TH-IB2 on-wall temperature + humidity sensor


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The 1W-TH-IB2 sensor is designed for interior measurements of temperature and relative humidity in buildings. Its circuit board is placed within an on-wall box (IP30 protection). The sensor can be also placed within a universal wiring box (KU68).

The sensor communicates with the master system using the 1-Wire bus (screw terminal, four conductors) and is fully compatible both the Mervis, an officially supported SW platform for Unipi products and with the EVOK, an open-source application programming interface (API). For more info about the available software, please visit Unipi Knowledge Base. 

Mervis: The device is compatible with the SEDtronic sensor line, allowing the user to use the same Unica_U1WT function block to read the values. 

EVOK: The sensor is detected automatically and can be used right away. Measured values are accessible on an address of the particular sensor also serving as a device identification. You can find the address on a sticker provided with the product. 

Installation guide and technical parameters can be found in the product's datasheet (see the Files tab above) 

Technical parameters

Humidity measuring range 11 % RH / 89 % RH (+-3 % RH tolerance)
Power  5 V (via the 1-Wire connector)
Temperature measuring range -40 °C/+85 °C with +-2 °C tolerance
Connection 1-Wire (screw terminal)
Sensor type

DS2438 (temperature) + Honeywell

HIH5030 (humidity)

IP rating IP30
Case material ABS plastic
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 25 mm
Installation Installation box (KU 68)
Max. current draw 2 mA



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