1-Wire temperature sensors with DS18B20 chip

Digital waterproof 1-Wire temperature sensors with DS18B20 chip. Designed for basic temperature measurements in automation and regulation systems.


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Digital 1-Wire water-resistant temperature sensor is based on the DS18B20 chip covered by a stainless steel cap. Each sensor features RJ45 plug and can be connected to any UniPi controller with 1-Wire bus. A single bus supports up to 15 sensors (the response time can be higher in such connections). Number of sensors connected to a single controller can be further increased by utilizing corresponding patchcords or the 8-port with an integrated DIN rail holder

Several hubs can be connected in cascade. 

Sensors are universal, their temperature range is -55/+85 °C (-67/+185 °F). 


Practical use examples

Measuring indoor/outdoor temperature for the purpose of heating switching

measuring temperature of liquid stored in tanks (for more precise measurements it is possible to use more sensors located in several levels)

measuring liquid transport lines temperature

Technical parameters

Temperature measuring range -55°C / +85°C
Sensor type DS18B20
Measurement accuracy  ± 0.5°C in range of -10 to 85°C
Sensor case material Stainless steel
Cable length Optional (1,5/3/5/10 m)
Sensor case size 6×30 mm



Datasheet DS18B20 Sonda

DS18B20 Sonda

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Especificaçoes DS18B20

Especificaçoes DS18B20

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Guia de ligação

Guia de ligação

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