1-Wire sump temperature sensor (3 m)

The TGL-40 sump temperature sensor is designed for measuring the temperature of gaseous or liquid substances. With a suitable thermowell, the sensor can be also used inside pipelines. The sensor utilizes the DS18B20 temperature chip placed within a metal sheath (IP67 protection), the 3 m cable features RJ45 connector for easy connection. For communication with the control system, the sensor uses the 1-Wire bus and can be installed in any system compatible with the DS18B20 chip. The product underwent a metrologic inspection. 


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The sensor can be connected to all systems featuring a 1-Wire bus. Wiring scheme is available in the product’s documentation (see the Files tab above), 

The sensor is compatible with the Mervis and the EVOK web service APIs. In both environments, the sensor can be used immediately after connection.

Technical parameters

Model name TGL-40
Sensing element type DS18B20        
Power                     3-5V (PELV or SELV power supply)
Temperature measurement range -40°C/+105°C
Measurement accuracy ± 0.5 °C in range of -10°C/+85°C, ± 2°C in range of -30°C/+100°C 
IP rating IP67 



Datasheet TGL40

Datasheet TGL40

Download (202.9k)

Manual TGL40

Manual TGL40

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